Convertible Tripod shooting rest
Tripod Midget Shooting SupportTripod Midget Shooting Support

Tripod / Multipod Midget


The LevelLok Shooting rest Tripod / Multipod Midget comes complete with:

  • Deluxe V-Cradle
  • 2-Way Camera Mount Adapter
  • Wrist & Shoulder Straps
  • Quick Adjust Center Cradle Slide
  • Bipod Joint
  • Flip-Tab Leg Cams
  • Quiet Foam Grips

Material: 4-Section, Telescopic, High Strength, Non-Reflective Finish, Aluminum Tubing (As Tripod & Bipod 9”-22”)

Weight: 1 lbs 5oz as Tripod, 1 lbs 2 oz as Bipod

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Product Description

Tripod / Multipod Midget Shooting support system:

  • Deluxe V-Cradle gun rest provides excellent gripping power on stock of gun and is ideal for any rifle, shotgun, handgun, or crossbow
  • V-Cradle can be removed to expose integrated camera mount adapter and fits all spotting scopes, 35mm cameras and video camcorders
  • 2-Way Camera Mount Adapter allows camera to tilt in almost any direction while supplying stable support at almost any angle
  • 2-Way Camera Mount Adapter can be used in place of V-Cradle for photographic & spotting applications
  • Adjustable wrist & shoulder straps
  • Unique “Flip-Tab Slide Cam” makes for easy split-second rest adjustments without needing to adjust all three legs
  • Bipod Joint provides smooth gun support and accuracy at any angle
  • Flip-Tab Leg Cams allow for easy split second height adjustments
  • Silent handling, even in cold weather
  • Integrated “Rotational Spiked” feet for both rock & dirt applications

Tripod / Multipod Midget Shooting Support For Use With: 

  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Pistols & Handguns
  • Crossbows
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Cameras

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As Bipod: 1 lbs 2oz, As Tripod: 1lbs 5oz


As Tripod & Bipod 9”-22” (prone to sitting)


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