LevelLok Customer Reviews

See what our customer across the country are saying about their LevelLok products!

Thanks to Levellok I got my first buck!
Cassie Berteotti | Gibsonia PA

Here is a product that outshines others when it comes to quality and service. Thanks Levellok.
Todd | Apollo, PA

I received exactly what I wanted. Thanks for your help.

My family and I wanted to tell you what a great product you have. So much that we now have two. My son’s favorite use is for hunting on the last day of deer season when we get together with friends to do a drive. A sure answear to getting a doe in the freezer…his Levellok. Now my husband likes it for taking pictures from the sidelines during fall football season.It provides the perfect stability for getting the best pictures. Now my favorite use is as a walking stick when walking our dogs in the woods. We also have started using it to help our daughters when they target shoot. Their arms aren’t quite ling or strong enough to support the end of the gun, but with Levellok it makes target shooting more enjoyable for them. So as you can see our Levellok doesn’t spend much time in the closet and is something our whole family can use. Thanks Levellok.
The McCarthy Family | Butler, PA

First impression is good. Light weight with flexible height adjustments. Easy to set up.
Tim | Philadelphia, PA

Good Stuff! I am glad to see the prices are finally coming down.
Ferris | California

Light with tip for rock and ice use. Great rifle rest and walking stick.
Paul | Lancaster, PA

Seems to be quality product with many innovative features in it’s design at an affordable price.
William | Chillicothe, Ohio

Just what I needed!
Thomas | Mikado, Michigan

Thanks for trusting me. I am starting to think there’s a few of us left out there. The parts were perfect! It may be an old model, but still a great shooting system. Huge Thanks,

Looks great! Can’t wait to use.
Joe | Nebraska

Excellent product! Overall should help my shooting in the field. Thanks.
Gerald | Arizona

Pleasantly surprised with the quality at such an affordable price.
George | Colorado

I have used many shooting sticks, but Levellok is by far the best unit out there!
Ryan | Pittsburgh, PA

Not only is Levellok a great shooting stick, but the company is excellent when it comes to service.
Brad | Birmingham, Alabama

I received the new leg. Thank you. I will recommend your product to my friends.
Rich | Kansas

I received my replacement shooting stick the next day! I am impressed with your service. I am very dependent on stick for walking as well as a shooting support. Over the last 4 years I can thin of 9 successful shots made with my Levellok. Thanks.

Thanks for replacing my first one. The bipod has been great for me. Although 167 groundhogs would disagree (if they could). I particularly like the cam lock because of speed and sure locking.
Allen | Salina, PA

Quick set-up, great price, great product, and easy to carry.
Arnette | Albertville, Alabama